How to pack the chandelier: what you need when moving to another city


Transportation of fragile things becomes sometimes a big problem when changing the place of residence. Solving it will help competent packaging. How should you act if you need to carry a chandelier to a new housing or a massive lamp with glass elements?
The first thing you need when moving is a container for things. It will be required for chandeliers. But do not look for the box in which the fragile thing would fit entirely. After all, to carry it in this way - a huge mistake. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a container significant at the base and middle height so that all the details of the chandeliers are as comfortable to put in it. As such, you can use a conventional box of thick cardboard. By the way, you will need such boxes at least two.
What material to use for wrapping parts chandeliers and fill emptiness in the box? The perfect option is an air-bubble film. It is good because not only reliably grows fragile parts from mechanical damage, but also from temperature drops. In addition, you can use to fill emptiness in the box of foam and special soft packaging paper.
So, the first thing you should do is disassemble chandeliers. The main frame must be folded into a separate box so that it entered it tightly and did not move during transportation. Wrap the frame into the bubble film and carefully laid inside. Empty space fill in any neutral packaging material from the above.
Small removable details, for example, suspension, screws, nuts, balls, should be sorted and pack into separate small boxes. By the way, they are what needs when moving in any case, because small things in every house are abused. At the same time, each separate part or their group, for example, one variety of screws, should be wrapped in a soft packaging paper. It will save them from damage and scattering. And, in addition, facilitates the search. Site every box and put in one big box.
And in order not to get confused what and where it lies, do not be lazy to sign each box, for example, like this: "Chandelier. Frame. Kitchen "and" chandelier. Elements. Kitchen". In addition, such inscriptions will be prompted by the loaders that they deal with fragile things.
This approach will allow you to carry a chandelier or lamp to a new place without any problems. The main thing is not to hurry and comply with all the recommendations. Then none of the details of the fragile thing will not suffer. Agile методологии управления проектами онлайн.