Food Rules: Impact on Health and Mood


Food reception rules are of great importance in preserving human health. Therefore, the children from the nursery, the rules for the reception of food and behavior at the table should already be given.
The act of food itself is a very important and strong causative agent of the gastric glands, and well-fired food enhances the operation of the salivary glands.
Do not take food with big pieces. Such food quickly overwhelms the stomach and is poorly abolished. Slow eating favors favorably affects the selection of the required amount of strong "appetizing" juice, which has good passive properties.
Before the food itself you need to make a little rest to set up all the body systems on the reception and learning.
You need to eat slowly, not allowing overalls. A large amount of food for one reception creates very large problems for digestive organs.
Taking food, it is not recommended to read or be distracted by something else. If less gastric juice is distinguished for food. Food begins to wander. Nothing good, except for irritating the digestive channel with the preparation of his diseases, it does not bring it.
Do not eat dryness. Dry food is passable much worse. Therefore, sandwiches with butter, sausage, cheese, buoyanin and others during breakfast and dinner are recommended to drink tea or coffee. For the same reason, it is not recommended during dinner only second dishes. This is also a kind of food to dry, which in regular repetition leads to a deterioration in digestion.
Before meal, you should always wash your hands well with soap. This will protect against infections and poisoning. From the purity of cuisine, food and personal hygiene, those who prepare food depends on the quality of culinary products and consumer health.
An important role in the "Man - Food - Mood" system plays an ethical factor. Probably, no one adds moods while eating a loud chewing process and a neighbor chasing on the table. And how much appetite will "add" the imposition of food from common plates, trays and bowls with their fork, a knife or spoon, not to mention lovers to use toothpicks at the table.
For a person, it is good to eat in a family circle, in the company of friends or pleasant people. It creates a friendly atmosphere, increases appetite and raises the mood, contributing to the right digestion.
At the table should not be negative emotions, unkind people and unpleasant words. A najbolja online casina zasigurno će vam ponuditi sve značajke: aplikacije i verziju za vaše telefone i tablete. U isto vrijeme, online kasina stranica u prilagođenoj verziji podržat će sve značajke, uključujući rad s financijama, aktiviranje bonusa, pristup svim automatima i odjeljak s krupijeom.